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It happened. I got a smart phone. I’m a few years behind the curve, but I now have Instagram! I dig it. It is still a novelty to me right now so it’s extra awesome. I’m not used to taking a ton of photos with my phone, but I am really trying! It doesn’t help that my phone makes an annoying shutter sound every time I take a photo (I can’t turn this off either…thanks HTC!). Anyway when I’m in an environment where I can take a loud photo, I’m enjoying the process. I like all the filter options, it’s like having a mini Photoshop in my phone.

I also like all the things that people are able to do with their Instagram photos. You can get mini prints made for collages, magnets, and calendars. All sorts of cool stuff.

I’m still taking the majority of my photos on my DSLR, but this is a fun little addition for those quick easy moments I want to capture. Most of my photos are of vegetation/flowers, food, and my cat. I fit right in with the rest of the Instagram crowd! You can follow me on Instagram under user name Breanne_Aubry. I’m working on expanding my repertoire, but you should probably like cats. Just saying.


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