Wythe Hotel + Mary’s Fish Camp

I have two confessions to make. The first is that my hotel selection for my recent trip to New York left a lot to be desired. The biggest of those desires was having a complete ceiling (it’s a long story). My hotel choices are usually pretty solid, so I was disappointed to say the least. If I had it to do over again I would totally stay here. Wythe Hotel looks awesome. They have tall ceilings and bunk beds with your own personal TV! I took a day trip to Brooklyn while I was there and that place is pretty hip (with lots of hipster types). With Manhattan being just a short subway or boat ride away staying in Brooklyn would take nothing away from the complete New York City experience.

Now confession number two is that I had the chance to eat at Mary’s Fish Camp and I didn’t. That decision still haunts me. Seriously, I dream about lobster rolls every night. It’s a problem. So next time I venture to New York this will be stop number one on my amazing food adventure.

 So I’ve already sort of started planning my next trip back east and here is my advice to you- Stay in Brooklyn if you want and don’t pass on amazing lobster rolls (it’s not worth it!).

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