The Jupiter Hotel + Doug Fir Lounge


This is totally happening. It is just a matter of getting myself to Portland and resisting the charms of  Kennedy School. But seriously, who could say no to a cosmic name like The Jupiter Hotel?  The name alone sounds epic. 

I totally plan on taking on the “Distillery Package” which offers accommodations and a passport for two over to Distillery Row. The row is a a stretch of local distilleries which make small-batch hand-brewed liquors: vodkas, gins, rums, whiskeys, as well as absinthe, aquavit, and flavored liqueurs. A fun filled weekend is almost guaranteed with a deal like that. The rooms of the hotel look posh, modern, and comfortable.

Right next door to The Jupiter Hotel is the Doug Fir Lounge. Which looks like a great place to grab a bite to eat or catch a live show. The decor of the restaurant looks like it came straight out of an episode of  Mad Men.

These places make a fantastic duo and are sure to make a memorable trip to Portland. Food, drinks, and fun? Count me in.

{Images from here and here}

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