Kennedy School

I can say without a doubt that this is the coolest hotel I have ever stayed in. It is an old elementary school converted into a hotel. The rooms are set up in the old classrooms, chalkboards still intact. Every room has it own unique theme and name. We stayed in the Crooked Room that has a fabulous mural around the room of “There was a Crooked Man” nursery rhyme. The restaurant set up in the middle of school served fantastic food, way better than I remember getting in grade school.

We enjoyed a couple of free movies in the auditorium. All of those uncomfortable wooden chairs you remember from school have been torn out and replaced with retro chic couches and chairs. We spent our last night there in the Boiler room bar having some drinks and playing some shuffle board. The bar was a really neat room with exposed pipes and industrial decor. You can also grab a drink in the “detention” bar if that is more your speed.

The whole building is charming, you can roam the halls looking at the artwork, sculptures, mosaics, and old photographs.  I would live in this hotel. Check it out if you are ever in Portland, Oregon.


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