Dale Chihuly

A couple of years ago I got a chance to see Chihuly’s work. At the time it was a very popular show at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.  The whole building was dedicated to his work. It was a really comprehensive show that included a large array of his glass works. In addition to the glass work the museum also featured some of his paintings and drawings so you could compare and contrast his style across mediums. There was also video installation that showed him at work. The whole exhibition was done really well. I was excited to be exposed to this artist for the first time.

I was immediately attracted to the colors, organic feeling,  and abstract qualities in his work. His work almost ceases to look like glass, it takes on a more ethereal demeanor. Light plays an important part with the glass; it fuses with the colors in the glass making the pieces irresistible to look at. His work is often inspired by nature and because of this it is often set up outside in natures element. It is a nice contrast between man-made and nature made.

My favorite pieces are the glass chandeliers. The Fine Arts Center now owns three of his chandeliers, all of them equally impressive. I would love to see more of his work in person and will definitely do so the first chance I get.  

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