The Sanitarium + Tartine Bakery

These two combinations actually have a high chance happening. California is just a hop, skip, and jump, away from me. First on the list is The Sanitarium bed and breakfast in San Luis Obispo. It mixes original art, antique style, and modern touches to make an irresistible combination. They have seven delightful rooms to pick from. Below are images from the Euporiasm room, my personal favorite. Sleeping in the cubby/cave like bed is what appeals to me most; the dreamy copper tub isn’t bad either. Combine that with the available spa treatments and fresh breakfasts and it makes this place a perfect weekend get-a-way spot.

The thing that hooked my on the Tartine Bakery was the Savory Bread Pudding recipe I spotted on Daily Candy. The San Francisco based bakery just came out with a cookbook that happens to feature this recipe. I haven’t been a huge bread pudding connoisseur in the past, but I think that might all change. Their regular selection at their bakery looks just as delightful. This place is definitely going to be one of my stops next time I am in San Fran.

You can check out the recipe here.

{Images from here, here, and here}

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