Have You Seen This Gnome?

Remember that time I lost a gnome in your closet? The poor little guy was buried for months. That particular gnome entered my life right after I’d seen Amélie for the first time. I thought it would be nice if you shared my newly found affinity for gnomes, so I decided that you two should meet. I set up a top secret meeting for you and my new gnome friend in your closet, a place where you would both be comfortable. Unfortunately for all parties involved that rendezvous never took place. Read The Rest

The Garlic Olive

You and I were in Sonoma doing some wine tasting for the weekend. After falling in love with some Barbera wine we decided to check out the Olive Festival in the courtyard of the winery. It was overcast and there were not many vendors out. Just outside the art pavilion was the fateful olive vendor man. He was eccentric, the way you would imagine someone who cures their own olives to be. I’ve always considered you the more adventurous of the two of us; perhaps that is why things unfolded as they did. Read The Rest

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