Guiding the Viewer’s Eye In Design

Where in your design do people look first? Where do they look next? How much control do you have when it comes to guiding the viewer’s eye? Let’s talk about how designers can help direct the eye of the viewer through a composition.

Our eyes take in a lot more visual information than our brain can consciously process. We want to focus on the most compelling information so we selectively look at what we think most important. This is called selective attention.

Studies have shown that we can be distracted by visual information even when it’s not relevant. If it’s attractive enough, it’ll grab our attention consciously or subconsciously. Great marketers understanding this, and so do designers and artists. Learning how to harness this is an effective tool. Read The Rest

Pitch Black Printing

I just found out about this amazing new business in Reno! As an artist I can’t wait to check them out. If you have ever looked into getting art or photographs printed you probably know that it is a hassle. You can order online, but then you are not sure about the product you will get back. If you go with a local big brand printer you are often limited on paper choices and the final product doesn’t always match the price tag. Having a local small business option for printing in Reno is amazing!  Read The Rest

Piper’s Opera House – Virtual Tour

I recently had the opportunity to visit the historic Piper’s Opera House and put together a virtual tour of the building. It was my first experience with 360° photography and it was a fun challenge. You can click through the different nodes to see different parts of the building.  Read The Rest

Midtown Reno Street Art

I’ll be the first to admit it – I was not super stoked to move to Reno. The city had a weird and somewhat negative reputation (and still does to an extent). Moving to Reno was my first big move and it was a shock and a struggle. Reno is similar to Colorado and that only made me more homesick…but the time has come to set the record straight. I’ve recovered from my breakup with Colorado and I have been in Nevada for quite a while. The reputation Reno has dealt with all these years is undeserved and experiencing an evolution. One might even say it is becoming popular. Not just people who live here like it here.

I want to be part of the conversation that boosts the positive rep of Reno – with my new blog category Reno is Rad! In those posts I’m going to tell you about cool things that are happening in and around Reno with an emphasis on art/design and travel. First up we are going to look at the rad street art right in my neighborhood!  Read The Rest

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