The Color Factory

It is not surprising that something cool happened in San Francisco. It all started when the pop-up installation Color Factory opened in August 2017. The 12,000 square foot pop-up color experience was nestled in SF’s Union Square neighborhood, it was a two-story exhibition celebrating color and material that featured 15 collaborations by creatives. Read The Rest

loving vincent – revisited

A couple years ago I wrote about Loving Vincent and I am back to update you on that project! It happened and it is now a movie! This is groundbreaking and it is so inspiring that it was able to come to fruition. This is the first ever fully painted animated film. It was created from 62,450 frames, each of which was an oil painting. It took a team of 115 artists to create all the paintings for the film. Let me say that again – every single frame is painted by hand… Read The Rest

My Favorite Photo Editing Apps

Since phones are basically attached to everyone’s hands these days a lot of photos are taken with them. I love taking photos with my phone and I have a couple go-to photo editing apps that I would like to share with you. After discovering these apps I rarely use the standard filters that you can find in Instagram. You can use these photo apps alone or in conjunction with each other. Read The Rest

3 female illustrators to follow on instagram

Instagram is my favorite social media and there are tons of interesting people to follow. Not just photographers are using this medium anymore, you can also find tons of artists and illustrators. It is easy to find lots of creatives to be inspired by. A growing number of women doodlers, painters, and graphic designers are taking their talents to Instagram, flipping the script on the app that often known for food pictures and and highly edited selfies.  Read The Rest

Romare Bearden

Romare Bearden, Berkeley––The City and Its People, 1973

While I was in school for my undergraduate degree I discovered Romare Bearden in an art history class. He was so influential to me (and still is). At that time I was interested in mixed media and I had started experimenting with adding collage to my paintings. He was one of the first artists I encountered that worked successfully in mixed media. He would add a variety of papers to his pieces, including matte colored construction papers, pressure sensitive glossy laminates, brightly printed sheets, wallpaper and wrapping paper, as well as bright foils and patterned fabrics. He would also alter the paper on his canvas with other collage elements: adding painted areas using spray paint and brush paints. He used the term “collage-paintings” to describe his art. To me it was inspiration come to life. Read The Rest

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