How to Match Fonts

The American typographer Beatrice Warde wrote a famous essay, ‘The Crystal Goblet, or Printing Should Be Invisible’, in which she explained that typography was like a crystal wine glass – if you noticed the glass you wouldn’t notice the perfection of the wine. We now live in a world where communication takes on many different forms. Through typography  – its style, size, and color – we can convey meaning in our work. In some cases, we might find that the glass is more important than the wine.

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Creative Block: Get Unstuck

Creative block or lack of ideas is not something that is unique to designers; everyone deals with it at one point or another. However, as a designer you are expected to be creative for a large portion of your day, so when the ideas are not flowing it can add extra unwanted stress. So when creative inertia hits, what do we do?  Read The Rest

Because Cats

Cat-MailOh hey! It’s no secret that cats are beloved by the internet (and me). I have come across some kitty treasures that I want to share with you.

First up- Cat Mail. That’s right. Cat Mail. Everyone in your life needs and wants Cat Mail.  Read The Rest

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