The Color Factory

It is not surprising that something cool happened in San Francisco. It all started when the pop-up installation Color Factory opened in August 2017. The 12,000 square foot pop-up color experience was nestled in SF’s Union Square neighborhood, it was a two-story exhibition celebrating color and material that featured 15 collaborations by creatives. Read The Rest

Piper’s Opera House – Virtual Tour

I recently had the opportunity to visit the historic Piper’s Opera House and put together a virtual tour of the building. It was my first experience with 360° photography and it was a fun challenge. You can click through the different nodes to see different parts of the building.  Read The Rest

Japan Travel Guide- Osaka

IMG_2998Ah Osaka! When we mentioned we were going to Osaka to Japanese people they were not super pumped about it. They were like, that’s cool and all but Tokyo! Kyoto! and I get it Osaka might not be as exciting and glamorous as the other locations, but it has charm nonetheless (and the cutest cats). But the best thing about Osaka – the food! Read The Rest

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