Shampoo Eyes

We were in the beautiful city of Lyon, France. This particular morning started like any other when you are living out of a backpack. You rummage through your stuff trying to locate things by feel alone (who wants to unpack every time you need something?) Not this girl! So I dig out my makeup/bathroom bag. To my dismay my convenient travel size shampoo has leaked all over everything. While this was disappointing I thought I could live with having to pick up some French shampoo (how chic!). I soon realized that I had bigger problems. My contact case was not properly sealed and shampoo had leaked inside. I tried to wash my contacts off as best I could. However a few blocks away from our place I realized that was not going to work. I needed to get to a pharmacy immediately.
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Getting Lost in Switzerland

We took the amazing high speed train and arrived very late in Interlaken. Once we were off the train things started to fall apart.

You had the address to our hotel, but no directions. We quickly located a cab driver who actually refused to give us a ride because he said it was so close. He helpfully waved his hand in a general direction and explained how to get there in a vague way. Being tired and a little grumpy at this point I wanted to highjack one of the hundreds of unlocked bikes at the station and ride that to our destination (I would have returned it safe and sound). You vetoed this plan and off we set (begrudgingly) on foot in the general direction that the cab driver waved us. Read The Rest

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