It’s 2019! I was a little light on blog posts for 2018, but it is a whole new year and that means a whole new mini calendar! and perhaps more blog posts…

RIP Atreyu and Morla

So chickens…still on this. As a first time chicken owner it was a tough year. I lost two of my sweet baby angels – one to presumed murder (investigation ongoing) and one to natural causes. Chicken life is rough y’all.

At the moment I am down to a flock of four and focused on giving them the best life possible. You never know what on earth is going to happen in their crazy chicken lives! So this being the case they get lots of treats (enough to fill a couple calendars). Yolo!

They are plump and spoiled for sure.

You can download and keep up on their monthly culinary adventures here: Treatlender

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