The Color Factory

It is not surprising that something cool happened in San Francisco. It all started when the pop-up installation Color Factory opened in August 2017. The 12,000 square foot pop-up color experience was nestled in SF’s Union Square neighborhood, it was a two-story exhibition celebrating color and material that featured 15 collaborations by creatives.The highly photogenic space included a giant ball pit filled with 207,000 yellow balls, a 7-foot lazy susan (complete with colorful treats from local confectioneries like Chantal Guillon, Craftsman and Wolves and Doughbies), a rainbow snow globe room confetti room, and other equally amazing things.  

A giant light bright? Yes please! The pop-up installation was so popular that it stayed open for the month of September and was completely sold out the entire time.

But don’t despair that its over – keep your eyes on the Factory’s mailing list for another release of San Francisco tickets and news of other locations!{images from here}

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