My Favorite Photo Editing Apps

Since phones are basically attached to everyone’s hands these days a lot of photos are taken with them. I love taking photos with my phone and I have a couple go-to photo editing apps that I would like to share with you. After discovering these apps I rarely use the standard filters that you can find in Instagram. You can use these photo apps alone or in conjunction with each other.


The talented people over at A Beautiful Mess created this app and it is amazing. Right now it is my go-to photo editing app. If bright and vibrant photos are your fav then this is the app for you. They have great editing tools to fine tune your photos and really fun and varied filters. All of their filters can be stacked on top of each other and you can adjust their intensity. You can also add in bokeh, light leaks, and color fog effects to your photos. Another nice feature of this app is being able to save your favorite combos – because you will have favorites.

For reference: My favorite filter combo is Everyday and Soft & Bright – depending on the photo I will normally change the intensity of the different filters. I used that combo on the top photo at 100% for both. For the bottom photo I used a little bit of everything – soft & bright and lite bright filters, royal color fog, and a light leak.


I used Afterlight exclusively for my phone photos for a long time and it is great. This app has a wonderful set of image adjustment tools, a beautiful collection of filters, customizable textures and light leaks, a blending tool for creating double-exposure photos, as well as a unique set of frames and borders. There are so many things to explore and try out in Afterlight, take your time!

For reference: On the top photo I bumped up the contrast and saturation and added the Olive filter. For the bottom one I used the Dallas filter, added a frame, and a dust effect.


These are exciting times for mobile photo editing and I think they are only going to get better as newer devices hit the market.

What are some of your favorite photo editing apps?


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