Pitch Black Printing

I just found out about this amazing new business in Reno! As an artist I can’t wait to check them out. If you have ever looked into getting art or photographs printed you probably know that it is a hassle. You can order online, but then you are not sure about the product you will get back. If you go with a local big brand printer you are often limited on paper choices and the final product doesn’t always match the price tag. Having a local small business option for printing in Reno is amazing! 

Megan O’Reilly and Maurice Harold saw this need in Reno and opened up Pitch Black Printing. They recently expanded to a brick and mortar shop on California Ave. It is enough for me that they help people produce awesome prints of their work, but this rad duo also supports local artists by selling artwork out of their shop. They also host rotating art exhibitions – solo and group. Most recently they hosted a video game themed show, Level Up. Art culture in Reno just got that much cooler.

They help out artists by doing canvas printing, high quality photo prints, and artwork duplication. But can also help out with your traditional printing needs – business cards, posters, invitations, stickers. It is pretty much a full service printing shop with a personal and artistic twist. This will be my go to stop the next time I want to print a project. It is great to see Reno artists be supported like this.

Be sure to check them out next time you want to do some printing or want to see what the Reno art scene is up to.

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