DIY Air Plant Holder


I’ve been looking for a cute way to display some air plants – obviously I turned to Pinterest for some help. 

What I found was a variation of this adorable little holder- they used dowels and some lace. I’m not really into cutting things with saws so I found some wood pen blanks online and thought they might work.


Apparently super talented people make actual wood pens out of the wood blanks. Because of this they have some really cool and unique wood choices (I went with Red Cedar). I wasn’t doing anything nearly as ambitious as pen making, but since the wood was nice and the right size (about 5 inches), they worked out perfect for this project. Airplant3


To make them simply tie your lace to one side and then the other and you are done! I like to soak my air plants so I didn’t attach them directly to the holder, but you could if you wanted and just mist them while attached. I really liked the angular look so I added a dot of hot glue to the back so they would stay attached to the wall. Simple, cute, and easy!


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