Adorable Pumpkin Centerpieces


Sometimes when I am perusing Pinterest I find something that I just have to try. That happened here. I wanted to use something very fall and festive for an event and these were perfect.

The most difficult part was tracking down the pumpkins, but thankfully I was able to find really awesome ones at a local farm. They even had some olive green colored pumpkins called jarrahdale which I had never seen before. So getting those was an easy decision! Score!


Overall the process is super simple. We used some plastic 4″ cups to hold the floral foam and create the arrangement in. It doesn’t need to be something super fancy. I did a test pumpkins with bleach and it really did make the pumpkin last longer, so that is an important step.


Add in your favorite fall floral and voilà! Pumpkin centerpiece magic is happening! Even Cinderella would be envious of these.


We even did cute mini ones!

pumpkin8I can’t stop taking photos of them! They are so photogenic! So much win!


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