The Brother Eating Escalator

My little brother is graduating High School this week! This one is for him:

There we were in the shopping mall. You couldn’t of been more than five. We were taking the escalator down to the bottom floor and you decided to have a seat on the stair. At that moment I thought it was strange and probably not a good idea. As we neared the bottom you continued to hold your position. I have always been one to jump off the end before it reaches the bottom, I’ve never had a great trust for escalators. Apparently you didn’t have this innate distrust of them.

It all happened so quickly and I think we were both a little surprised. You let out a little scream as the stair tried to take you and your pants down that small dark slit. In a flash I saw images of you getting sucked and mangled by this horrible machine. I had to act quickly. I grabbed your arms and pulled. You came free and were safe. There were some tears and you had matching pinch marks on the back of your legs for awhile, but in this case catastrophe was mostly averted. We viewed the escalator in a whole new light from then on.

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