Hotel San José + Wink

I’ve been thinking about Austin, TX a lot lately. It is a place I’ve never been but anyone who has been and knows me says, “You will love it there.” Who am I to argue? I might as well start planning my trip now. First up is Hotel San José, a hotel with a soul. It’s a lovely mix of modern and retro style. With a fabulous location right next to downtown Austin I think it is the perfect place to chill out and get to know the city.

Narrowing down my top food pick for Austin was a challenge. There are so many great options. Food is guaranteed to be the highlight of my trip (and normally is). For today I’m going to go with Wink because I like their name and the fact that they have an ever changing menu. Fresh and local food is hard to top. I took a peek at their menu for this week and I would devour anything on it.

Austin has a lot to offer.  In addition to the food I’m excited to check out the museums, unique stores, and music scene there. So far it is the most memorable trip I have not yet taken. Get ready Austin! I’m coming someday…

Oh and I will be making a stop at Schlitterbahn. The most awesome waterpark ever!

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