The Mobile Egg + Crepes Bonaparte

Living in this egg would be super awesome…at least for a night or two. It is a beautiful feat of architecture by the Belgian architectural firm dmvA. It is always nice to see something super innovative yet simple in design.



Its original purpose was to be an office extension, but it could easily be a little guest room or garden house. It has tons of little spaces for storage and it also features a bathroom, kitchen, lighting, and a bed. The front of the even flips open so you have an open air space if you want it. I would love to see a bunch of mobile eggs on a vacation caravan. Don’t even get me started on the plethora of decorations you could add to the outside of your egg.

The next place had me hooked at the moustache. Crepes Bonaparte’s truck – Gaston and his fabulous moustache drive around the Orange County and Los Angeles areas delivering crepe goodness to the masses. There is nothing I can’t love about that.

{images from here and here}

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