Are those Paisley Curtains?

We don’t notice it, but we are surrounded with patterns. Patterns are safe, patterns give us order, and we like order. Visual patterns, audible patterns, even touchable patterns. Your Creative Mind task at hand today is to spend a couple of minutes locating patterns. Grab a digital camera and take some photos of your favorite patterns.

I decided to have a little fun with this and pick out some cool patterned furniture and projects.

{1. Battersea Sofette from Anthropologie, 2. Petal Pusher – White & Gold wallpaper from Hygge & West, 3. With Flying Colors Curtain in Turquoise from ModCloth, 4. Chocolate Damask Flourish Chair from Urban Outfitters, 5. DIY wall strip decoration idea from Design Sponge.}

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