Getting Lost in Switzerland

We took the amazing high speed train and arrived very late in Interlaken. Once we were off the train things started to fall apart.

You had the address to our hotel, but no directions. We quickly located a cab driver who actually refused to give us a ride because he said it was so close. He helpfully waved his hand in a general direction and explained how to get there in a vague way. Being tired and a little grumpy at this point I wanted to highjack one of the hundreds of unlocked bikes at the station and ride that to our destination (I would have returned it safe and sound). You vetoed this plan and off we set (begrudgingly) on foot in the general direction that the cab driver waved us.

We walked for quite a while and then came to a crossroads. You proceeded to flag down a passing car. I stood back in the shadows like a ninja incase they tried to pull any funny business. The car had no idea where we were trying to get to.

Our journey continued. Interlaken was like a ghost town at this point. All the lights were off and nobody was on the street. We could hear the faint clank of cow bells (they really wear those huge bells!). My level of displeasure with the situation steadily climbed as we walked on. We were lost. Not only were we lost, but it was dark and we were in a foreign country where neither one of us spoke the language. You tried to cheer me up and promised that we would book a room at the first hotel we saw. We never saw a hotel or a person for that matter.

In the middle of the ghost town we found a map outside of a school, but it was completely dark and there were no street lights. You proceeded to light up the map with the your tiny Ipod screen. You drew a make shift map which was more like a bunch of directional scribbles.  But with this map, you led us down a series of five-syllable streets and to our hotel.

My introduction to Switzerland was a little rough. I later made friends with rosti and Rugenbrau and we have since been on better terms.

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