I am continuing my color theme from last week; I want to tell you about Bleu. This film is truly a piece of art. It is the first part of the Trois couleurs Trilogy. The subject of the film is emotional liberty and deals heavily with loss and grief. Juliette Binoche brilliantly expresses human fragility by saying very little but expressing so much. She is a broken female spirit that tries to cut off all emotion and connection to the world. Blue is the color that embodies her internal dealing of emotions and feelings. 

The color blue is sometimes subtle but always present and symbolic through out the film.  The blue glass chandelier, the blue candy, the reflections of blue, the colored hue of the film. The color portrays mood, emotion, memories. I have never come across a film that is so entangled with a color. Not so much the color itself but the idea of the color and the connotations that we universally hold with that color. Film, art, and color all tell stories in beautiful ways. The combining of all these elements is what makes this film stand out.

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