J’adore Fromage

We were shopping in a Parisian neighborhood when we came across a marvelous cheese shop. It was wall to wall cheese and packed with people picking up some delectable treats. We squeezed our way through the shop and picked out a nice smelling cheese. While we were standing in line to make our purchase we spotted him.

He couldn’t have been more than five years old, but he loved his cheese. He broke out into impromptu song and dance as his father bought some cheese, “♪J’adore le fromage, j’adore le fromage!♪” As he twirled he held up a piece of cheese to his nose and inhaled the blissful smell. You couldn’t help but smile and agree with his simple love for cheese.

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  • This story made me smile. That little boy will live a life filled with stinky cheese. Lucky kid.

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