List of Font Resources

Now that you are getting fancy with your font pairings you are going to want to find all the cool fonts. We are going to go through some resources you can use to find free or fonts for purchase online.

Free Font Resources

Font Squirrel

This is always my first stop for fonts, I love Font Squirrel. They have free fonts that can be used commercially. Their site has a ‘recent’ and ‘what’s hot’ section to help you find some stellar fonts. And while every font is licensed for commercial use, be sure to check the license icons at the top of each font page. That’ll tell you if a font is desktop use only or if it can be embedded in websites, ebooks, or apps.


DaFont is a huge resource for free fonts. You can search by category to help find the perfect style for your design. However, you will definitely have to do some weeding as all fonts are not created equal when it comes to quality. Make sure to read the license for each font, as some fonts might not be licensed for commercial use.

Google Fonts

I haven’t used Google Fonts a lot, but it looks super sleek and I’m a fan already. There are over 800 fonts in their directory, all of which are open source and can be used in any of your commercial projects. But perhaps the best part, thanks to their API service, is that you can quickly and easily use any Google Font on your website.

*Most free fonts are open source that allow you to use them how you like. When downloading a free font you often get a readme file with the licensing terms and conditions. It’s worth reading these to find out how you can legally use the font.

Paid Font Resources


YouWorkForThem‘s font library consists of over 53,000 fonts from hundreds of foundries that are hand picked. Top notch quality fonts.

Creative Market

Creative Market has a ton of graphic resources and fonts happen to be one of them! If you’re looking for hand drawn, brush script, or calligraphy fonts, odds are Creative Market will have what you’re looking for.

House Industries

House Industries has an amazing and eclectic font collection. I have been a fan of theirs for years.

What’s the deal with commercial use? As a general rule you will want to buy/need a commercial license on fonts you use for:

  • A company logo
  • promotional or marketing products (flyers or business cards)
  • a product you want to sell
  • on a blog that brings you income

The big caveat about font licenses is that every type house or designer has the right to create a license of any type. So it is imperative that as a designer you check the specific license for any typeface you use commercially before you use it.

Do you have a favorite font resource I haven’t listed? Let me know about it!

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