Cat1I enjoy cats. I wouldn’t say I’m a crazy cat person, but if you were to say I could meet all the cats ever I would say yes. So much yes.

Ok, that sounded a little crazy…but cats are awesome and I love them in all their kitty sassiness.

I don’t ever pass up an opportunity to meet a cat and I happily met a lot of them this year. I wanted to share all their cuteness with the world so I made the Ca(T)lendar 2015!

Cat3 Cat2


One Ca(t)lendar 2 ways! I found these cute mini easels on Amazon and mini bull dog clips.

You can download and print your own right meow: 2015 Calendar

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  • I feel so fortunate to a) know you and b) be the recipient of a ca(t)lendar! Thank you! So cute! Merry Christmas!

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