Rome Part 2




Our second trip through Rome was a little bit more laid back. We still hit up some impressive spots, but once you get the big stuff out of the way it is nice to just enjoy the city like the locals do.

It was really awesome to see the Vatican Museum. I took a lot of Art History in College and getting to see some of that art in person was really memorable. Oh and I got to see the Pope!

Here are my recommendations:

  • Old Bridge Gelato – I seriously got gelato obsessed and made a stop at this place every chance I got (one such cone pictured above). 
  • Located:Viale Bastioni di Michelangelo, 5 00192 Roma Italy‎
  • Speciality:  amazing gelato
  • Cul De Sac
  • Located: Piazza di Pasquino, 73 00186 Roma Italy
  • Speciality:  Cool wine bar with a big selection. They also had a great selection of meats and cheeses (pictured above).

We also took a day trip out to Ostia Antica which was really cool. Everything was pretty impressively preserved considering how old the city is.

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