Love, love, love this city! I already can’t wait to go back and hang out with Amsterdam. I loved all of the fresh flowers for sale everywhere, it was hard not to snatch them all up! A lot of the apartments and homes in Amsterdam have tall exposed windows so it is hard not be a little voyeuristic and peek into their homes, which are of course beautiful and full fresh flowers!

The bikes in the city are no joke and take top priority –  pedestrians and cars beware. Bikers are not shy about letting you know they are the boss of the road. I skipped trying to bike with the masses and just stuck to walking, but the city is pretty friendly for walkers too. I found it pretty easy to walk almost anywhere in the city, you can get across town in about 40 minutes. Just always be on the look out for fast traveling bikes! They will run over you and leave you for dead.

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The food in Amsterdam was pretty amazing. They like to use a lot of fresh ingredients and love sandwiches. They also have their fair share of comfort type foods, but I think all the biking they do must keep them in amazing shape. It was hard not to picture this city at different times of the year and wonder what it would be like to experience it during those times. It also has that old world European charm to it that makes you feel like you are truly seeing a special place. I really enjoyed my time there and will be making a return trip.

Here are my recommendations for things to check out and try:

Definitely try to check out an open market or two. They have several around the city on different days of the week:

  • Floating Flower Market -Located: Singel canal, 1071 AZ Amsterdam
  • Speciality: Flowers, seeds, bulbs and rare flower


  • Albert Cuyp Maket -Located: Albert Cuypstraat, 1072 CN Amsterdam
  • Speciality: General goods, food produce, exotic herbs and spices

I had the best roast beef sandwich EVER…in my life at Pucinni. As a bonus they make killer chocolates right next door so it is a win win situation. Do it.

Try some poffertjes (mini pancakes) and some apple cake. You will not regret this.

Walk around at night and check out the lights on bridges and along the canals.

Try some fresh mint tea (pictured above). They actually steep a large bunch of fresh mint, stems and all, in a cup of hot water and it is amazing! Why haven’t I thought of this? Mint that grows like a weed in my garden beware…I am going to be all over it like an angry biker from Amsterdam!

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