DIY Felt Ball Garland

You know what is in right now? Felt. You probably didn’t hear it here first, but it is the truth. I wanted in on this felt action so I decided to make some felt ball garland.


I briefly considered making my own felt balls, but people said that was crazy. They might have been right so I just bought some felt balls on Etsy and patiently awaited their arrival.


Once they got here I just used some bakers twine and a needle and went to felt town! I left a little more space in-between them so they have more of a geometric feel, but you can totally do them closer together if you want. IMG_9739Untitled-2

The photos are a little dark because this was a nighttime project. When the mood takes you to make garland you just have to go with it, photos may suffer. But they are still super cute.

IMG_20131203_181655So that is how you can make your own felt ball garland or you can go buy some at the store. Cause felt is in right now. Truth.

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