DIY Instagram Magnets

I have been seeing a lot of tutorials online for making your own Instragram magnets, but a lot of them seem overly complicated. I thought I could simplify the process a little bit, so I did.

Let’s do this! It will be simple, I promise.



First step is to order some magnet sheeting-I got this one

-Next you will want to lay out the photos you want to use in a photo editing software. I used Photoshop but Gimp is a nice free alternative.

1) In Photoshop or a similar program, create a document that is 6 x 4 inches at 300 dpi.

2) Open your Instagram photos in Photoshop one at a time and resize them so that they’re 2 x 2 inches at 300 dpi. In Photoshop, this can be done by selecting Image >> Image Size and adjusting the numbers within the “Document Size” dialogue box.

3) Copy your Instagram photos and paste them into your 6 x 4 document so there are six images total — three across and two down. Save your document as a .jpg file.

4) Take them to get printed at your favorite photo place or print them out at home if you are fancy. A word of warning here: I ordered my prints online and had them sent to me but they did end up cropping my photos a little bit so not all of them were perfect 2×2 squares. You can account for this in your original layout and make your Instagram photos 1.8 inches or something or just go for it and face the fact that they won’t be perfect.

5) Once you have your perfect (or not so perfect prints) careful adhere the photos to your magnet sheet. Now you will have a giant photo magnet! This is pretty cool, it was hard for me to cut mine up…but I had to! A giant photo magnet is not what this blog post is about!


6) If you can get over cutting your awesome giant poster scissors or an exacto knife work great for cutting out the little magnets.


7) Attach to your refrigerator or any magnetic surface and now your Instagram photos are even cooler than before! Hard to believe, but it is the truth.



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