Homemade Beeswax Candles

I decided to try out candle making. Using the wax pellets seemed like a low commitment easy way to go. While they are super cute, I did learn a few lessons about candle making that I will share with you. Don’t be like me!


IMG_7776If you decide to give this a whirl remember that the type of wick you use is important. Buying the only type you happen to come across won’t cut it…this was my mistake. You will want to get a wick that will burn candles at least 5 inches across. Alternatively you could use several smaller wicks and use 3 to 4 of them per jar. Wick size does matter!

You will also have some options when it comes to beeswax pellets- I got mine online at Esty. With 2 pounds of wax pellets I was able to make 8 -half pint candles. So other than the wick thing and finding some beeswax this is a super simple project!




Based on my limited research on beeswax candles you don’t want the wax to go over 180 degrees (this seems to be a magic number?) and depending on the type of beeswax you get baking time will vary. I had mine in the oven for about an hour before they were completely melted.

I just let mine cool off in the oven once they were done, this seemed easier than trying to move hot wax around. Once the wax is set up again-trim the wick and light! If you have used the proper wick then they will burn evenly and be awesome. If not, then they will look super cute but not be super efficient in their wax usage before they burn out.

Adventures in candle making!



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  • Nice job on the candles. They are super cute. Maybe you should keep bees this summer, then they could polinate your garden and you could steal all their honey and beeswax. Xoxo

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