I’m obsessed with succulents. I want to collect them all and give them homes. Sometimes I will stop at a store just to see if they have any succulents…it is a problem. I’m not sure when this all started, I think it has manifested out of guilt. When I was growing up (in the 80’s!) I always thought succulents were the ugliest saddest plants. Really, who would want that in their house?

I was all for the big bushy luscious house plants. I could blame it on the 80’s, but let’s be honest. I was a jerk to succulents and I never gave them a chance. Now that I have seen how adorable they can be and all the cute varieties they come in I can’t get enough! I’m trying to make up some time and do right by succulents and that means sneaking a new one home every once in a while. It is getting harder to do that now that my obsession has been noted, but I will persevere! I also can’t resist taking photos every time I see one, they are so photogenic! What is not to love about these guys?

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