Lush Love

I’m sitting here with soft, perfectly moisturized lips. This might seem like a miracle, but it was just some amazing lip balm from Lush. I could go on and on about how great their stuff is, but I am here to talk to you about another Lush topic. Their friggin awesome newsletter! Folded up at the bottom of my order box was this gem of a catalog. I never knew how much I needed this in my life until I had it.

At first glance it is just their products advertised on newsprint. But oh how wrong I was! It is so much more! Why don’t more companies mix in activities with their product catalogs? It is a brillant idea. Why, yes I would like to play word games while I look at your bath products and soak in the tub. A color page? Yes, please! I’m in love with these guys! I’ve never been so entertained while perusing hip homemade cosmetic products.

Lush, you rock! Keep doing what you are doing. You help me smell great and make my lips feel awesome, I dig it.

If your lips want to feel as incredible as mine do try out their Honey Trap lip balm, you won’t regret it.

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