Cabot Cove Cottages + Lobster

This would be the perfect weekend get-a-way. Staying at the Cabot Cove cottages in Kennebunkport, Maine. You stay in a private cottage and they deliver breakfast to your door each morning (I’m a huge fan of that). For the rest of the day, you can hike to lighthouses, swim, sail, go whale-watching, ride bikes, and eat lobster for dinner. It sounds absolutely delightful.

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  • Have to say I’m not really sure which of these would be my favorite! The all sound wonderful! With your descriptions and pictures they all have some unique to offer to anyone who needs to get away for a fun filled weekend or somewhere to snuggle up and have a terrifice meal! Hmmm which should come first!
    I’m very proud of you Bre this is an awesome sight. If someone didn’t know you all they have to do is look at the pictures and read what you put in here! You’ve come a lone way Binky! Mom would have loved this!!!!!
    Your Aunt Steph!!!

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