I’ve been doing mosaics for a few years now. I always admired artistic mosaics and decided to learn to do it myself. There was an instant attraction. I think this stemmed from a jigsaw puzzle phase I had when was younger. I really enjoyed putting the puzzle together, but I never liked taking them a part. It seemed like a lot of wasted effort (and a practical person can only have so many glued puzzles around!). Once I started doing mosaics I got the enjoyment of fitting the pieces together and the satisfying feeling of forever having something to show for it.


I used to constantly have a mosaic project going. I have slowed my pace a little bit, but I still like doing a couple of projects a year. Back when I first got started I even tackled tiling my own kitchen and bathroom counters. The artistic version and the functional version of  mosaics/tiling are pretty interchangeable. There are lots of classes and resources available to help you learn mosaics. I found this book really helpful when I was first starting out.

My favorite thing about doing a mosaic or collage is that you determine what it is going to look like. There is no picture on a box telling you what the final product is going to be.

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