Moleskine Love

The importance of having a sketchbook as an artist has always been stressed. You are told the bigger the better. I have always struggled to stay consistent and faithful to a sketchbook, up until my discovery of Moleskine. These notebooks should have been on my radar a long time ago. But I have always gone with the spiral bound huge and awkward sketchbook. My first big run with the smaller more manageable notebook was last year.

During this last year we have been inseparable. I take it everywhere and make notes in it all the time. It has evolved from a sketchbook to a planner, journal, and note taker, all-in-one. I still tend to do more writing than drawing in my little book, but it is nice to have the option. So if you are looking for a change to your normal sketching (planning, journalling) routine this year. Give a Moleskine a shot.  There are tons of designs, sizes, and layouts available, one is sure to meet your needs perfectly. You can be like me and pretend you have been using them for years.

{pictured above is the Moleskine Color-A-Month Daily Planner, delightful!}

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