Do Work

The best piece of advice I have ever been given as an artist is to “do work.” It sounds obvious but I am sure a lot of artists can relate the struggle to produce art on a consistent basis. Your art is oddly one of the first things that gets pushed aside when life’s distractions come along. It is so easy to say you will work on something later or find time for that in the future. Any successful artist will tell you that they are constantly working. The amount of work that one artist produces for one gallery show far exceeds the amount of work you actually see in that show. The key is to always be working on something. Not all of your work is going to be fantastic, but all of your work helps you grow and develop as an artist.

I am guilty as charged for pushing my art aside. I always have an idea of something to be working on but I tend to let my ideas marinate for too long. It is time I stop that habit and start producing a lot of work in the process. I am looking forward to doing some work on a personal level just because it makes me happy to do it.

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