Movember & The Space Stache

I have been a fan of Threadless for quite a few years. It all started with ‘Vincent’s Van Go’ and from there I was hooked. They have a huge selection of creative T-shirts created by the people! It is a great way for artists and designers to get their work out there and maybe even get printed. All the shirts on their site are from ideas submitted by the public and anyone can give a submission. 

They run quite a few design challenges and I have just finished my first submission. The moment I saw they were doing a moustache design challenge I knew it was destiny. It was actually quite challenging to think of an awesome moustache design that would keep the moustache the main focus of the design. Normally the moustache likes to hang back and just be a design element, but not this time. The Space ‘Stache is my first design effort for Threadless and I plan on having many more. I hope you check out their site, vote for my ‘Stache and maybe pick up a couple sweet shirts while you are there. You can check out my full design and vote for it here.

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