Le Moustache

You might have noticed that the mustache is making a come back in a big way. I feel like I’ve contributed to this in my own small way. I guess it all started when I first saw “Le Moustache”, I won’t spoil the movie by going over it here. Suffice to say it is a fantastic film and you should check it out.

I could just have an eye for mustaches but it seems like they are everywhere. You can spot them on almost anything you can think of- posters, t-shirts, accessories. If you can’t have a mustache on your face you can certainly have one everything else you own. The mustache has become edgy and hip again. It is one of those design elements that embodies fun and playfulness, I can see it sticking around for awhile.

I even picked up this nifty mustache necklace to help show my support.

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