Designing with Music

I often listen to music when I am designing or doing artwork. I’m strangely particular about the music that I listen to when I am working. I find it very distracting if I’m listening to the radio or something I have never heard before.  It somehow takes my focus away from what I am doing. The music becomes like an old friend and I can only hang out with close old friends while I am being creative, no new acquaintances allowed.

I used to have a strict three album line-up that I listened to, but I have since expanded my repertoire. I’m in love with the new itunes genius feature. If you haven’t tried it out you should, it could change your life. Genius will generate a play list from your music library based on one song that you select. It’s amazing! Recently I have been rocking out to Radiohead, Feist, and Regina Spektor, genius is right about them going together nicely.

What do you listen to when you are being creative or to get you in the designing mood?

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  • That’s interesting how you don’t like to listen to radio and it has to be your music when your working. For me it’s the opposite; I love my own music, but I find that I get to into it and get off track on trains of thought, so I end up listening to radio for noise.

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